GALILEI Group Philosophy

We will maintain the food safety and security of Asian people and make products that are kind to the global environment with our unique temperature control technology, and contribute to the happiness of Asian consumers!


Consumer Happiness

Taking the environment, safety and peace of mind as our themes, it is our basic aim to work with our customers to the happiness of the consumer.

Customer Happiness

By the use of original technology and system, it is our basic aim to add new value to the food business and contribute to the happiness of our customers.

Employees Happiness

It is our basic aim to pursue both material and spiritual happiness by enhancing our ability to shoulder responsibility, and through development as individual employees and as a company.

Trading Partners’ Happiness

It is our basic aim to strive towards common goals, always working to increase company performance and providing happiness to our stock holders and trading partners.

Managing Director

Managing Director Message

We, GALILEI (THAILAND) CO., LTD, have been manufacturing commercial freezers and refrigerators since August 2015 as an overseas production factory of the GALILEI group. The products are of high quality, energy saving and environmentally friendly, and the current sales network has expanded to 11 bases in Asia, including Thailand.

The second phase of construction was completed in January 2021, and in the future, we will expand into the commercial showcase business.

As Asia production base, further increase the production capacity and response force, we hope to meet everyone's needs.

Making full use of energy-saving technology and temperature control technology, we will continue to strive and evolve every day to provide "safety and security" to foods that are environmentally friendly and the source of life, and to be useful to all.

We will contribute to the happiness of everyone living in Asia.

Tomohiro Yanagawa
Managing Director