Energy-Saving Performance

We will develop earth-friendly products with high energy-saving performance in consideration of the impact on the global environment. We will continue to pursue various environmental activities and support the future of the environment and food with our refined development technology.

Cooling / Freezing Performance

Our cooling technology keeps food fresh and delivers it safely to everyone. Cooling technology is essential to maintain a safe eating habits. We will continue to strive to have a happy eating habits for everyone in the world with the power of cooling.


In addition to Japanese-quality advanced temperature control, we are also pursuing ease of use and maintainability. Incorporating a high-spec Japanese design, it is a design devised for daily care. Maintenance is also enhanced by the group network. Smooth maintenance is possible even in the event of a failure.


We give top priority to food safety and relief, and manufacture Japan quality products. In addition, we will strive to improve the eating habits of consumers by utilizing our high-level temperature control technology.