Company Profile

Company Name
Siam Eastern Industrial Park, 60/105 Moo 3, Mabyangporn Sub-District, Pluakdaeng District, Rayong 21140
2 April, 2014
225,000,000 Baht
Our Business
Manufacture Refrigerator, Freezer, Showcase
63 Person
Site Area
International Standard

GALILEI Identity

Since its inception in 1951, FUKUSHIMA GALILEI JAPAN has been coming up with innovative business-use freezers, refrigerators and chilling showcases. In 1962, the corporation developed professional-quality refrigerators, the first of its class in Japan, and started their commercial mass production. Backed by the industry’s topnotch power-saving technology, original temperature control systems, this leading company’s industrial-use freezers and refrigerator have been playing an important role in hotels, restaurant, school, hospitals and many other fields for safety across Japan. From now on, FUKUSHIMA GALILEI applies its advanced techniques and services, which have been researched and developed in Japan, to “flavors and safeness” as well as “healthy and delightful eating” on the tables for Asian consumers in particular and around the globe alike. In this way, all the FUKUSHIMA GALILEI people are committed to improving consumers’ food and life hand in hand with the consumers worldwide.