Customer Maintenance

After Sales Service

After Sales Service provides support from technical issues to operation issues that relating to our equipment. From general inspection, periodic inspection, electricity and capacity consideration, service and repair, and operation inspection measure in order to ensure equipment always in best condition to prioritize Customer’s business and operation.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance provides service and maintenance support regularly with a fixed duration and schedule in order to ensure the equipment to be performed and operated efficiently.

Preventive Maintenance is recommended for equipment better life span, maintain equipment functions with better condition, and to protect and comply hygiene factors for safety purpose.

Maintenance Contract

Merit 1

Regular inspection

Regular inspection and maintenance to ensure the most effective use of cabinets by customers. Comfort during use.

Merit 2

Energy conservation

Maintenance of equipment, such as cooling device or condenser.It can reduce energy consumption and save energy.

Merit 3

Prevent trade damage

Commercial damage due to cabinet breakdowns can be prevented by regular inspections.

Merit 4

Get it fixed quickly

Repairs can be performed quickly and accurately. Because there is regular cabinet inspection information.

Merit 5

Longer cabinet life

Can increase the durability and extend the life of the cabinet longer by making Pre-maintenance.

Merit 6

Quick access to customers

In the event of a malfunction, we will send staff to make repairs quickly.

Merit 7

Supports all refrigeration equipment in the store.

Commercial damage due to cabinet breakdowns can be prevented by regular inspections.

Benefits of care

Can maintain and prevent major refrigerator and freezer problems by keeping spare parts to a minimum. Due to regular inspections and malfunctions (defects) of the cooling system can be predicted.

Reduce operating costs

Regular maintenance reduces operating costs. If the engine is running continuously without cleaning the filter or heat exchanger, the pressure in the cooling equipment will gradually increase. And increase the cost of electricity and if the machine is run unattended, after 4 years its performance will be greatly reduced due to increased pressure. In this case, it costs more than 40% of the electricity bill compared to regular cleaning.

Extending the service life

Components of cooling equipment, such as spare parts, fans, electrical or electronic parts, will gradually deteriorate. After starting to use within 1 year, the defective rate will be high (early breakdown). There is a tendency for the defective rate to be higher.

For performance deterioration or performance, in case of taking care to prevent problems more or less deterioration will vary and has a large impact on service life = period of use until use Proper preventive maintenance will maximize the life of the product.

For details of the maintenance contract, please consult with the sales department of the
company and make an offer.